From BA Sociology to the Social Sector: What I've Learnt

Posted on July 20, 2015

Eryl Bradley on what she has learnt in her two weeks with Clore Social.

Finding an internship during the summer holidays has become almost essential for my generation. Young people are nearly three times more likely to be unemployed than the rest of the population and the job market becoming increasingly competitive. As my friends and I head into our last year of university, working out how to navigate a career path beyond that can be a daunting prospect.

I have learnt a lot spending two weeks working at the Clore Social office. I've got a sense of what office life is like but, more importantly, it’s confirmed to me how much I want to work in the social sector.

In the working world, no matter where you are or what you are trying to achieve, networking is everything. Willy Loman was right; it’s all about who you know. This can be incredibly daunting for someone who knows no one. But when trying get a new job, meeting people in every sector and keeping in touch with everyone that you meet is vital.

Attending Dame Mary Marsh’s leaving event made it clear to me how impressive so many people working in the social sector are. Not just their CVs, but their energy and commitment to doing good. This alone was inspiring enough to make anyone want to follow a similar path - but it does make me realise that standing out in the job market is really hard.

Having met some of the Fellows and watched many of their end of the Fellowship films, I’m struck by how tough working in the social sector can be; but also how those around you, and those people you’re work for, are the ones that keep you motivated.

While coming to the end of my short but eye-opening time here, it's become obvious to me that a cause that is extremely close to my heart is homelessness; with the amount of young people who are finding themselves on the streets rising in this country, trying to do even the smallest thing to help is something that I will aim for in my forthcoming career. I can’t wait to see where it will take me.

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