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Prevention in Scotland

Prevention in Scotland

By Stephanie Rose , March 2016

In Scotland much has been written and said about the need for, and the value of, moving to a preventative spending model with collaboration at its heart in order to achieve necessary reforms to the delivery of public services.

However, despite well-articulated arguments and the wide-ranging consensus that preventing negative outcomes for people has generated, there are few examples of real progress towards its implementation. Yet where there are examples, tangible advancements to service delivery and improved outcomes are being made.

In her study, Stephanie Rose presents an analysis of the views on the Scottish prevention landscape, gathered by undertaking conversations with fifteen senior people across civic and corporate Scotland.

Due to the topic being multi-dimensional and multi-faceted, the information was analysed into emerging themes using a PESTLE approach (Political, Economic, Socio-cultural, Technological and Environmental). From this, she puts forward her interpretation of the fundamental requirements and enablers for successful preventative approaches, presenting it as a framework for successful preventative services.

Stephanie believes it is only with the convergence of three fundamental requirements that we will see a clearer decisive shift to preventative approaches.

Read her full report here


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