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Aftab Hussain

Aftab Hussain

Type of Fellowship: Specialist
Year of Fellowship: 2012

Deloitte Fellow

Update October 2012

The last three months have felt like a transition from a place of questioning and learning into a position of greater confidence, action and belief in my purpose and vision. Leaving a job to do the Fellowship brought about a deconstruction, followed by a reconstruction of who I am as a leader in the sector and what I want to do. Having the space and time to learn and reflect in this period along with support from coaching and events organised for Fellows has been incredibly valuable.

My focus on social enterprise from the start of the programme has developed into an interest in the intersection between the non-profit and for profit sectors. In exploring this I completed a short placement at the Social Investment Consultancy (TSIC) who work with for-profit businesses to help them develop social impact programmes. Whilst there, I helped develop a report looking at the scale and extent to which charities develop trading arms as an alternative source of income, and what methodology existing charities can use to develop trading activity. Diversifying income is an issue for charities and it was useful for me to widen my understanding of how charities develop innovative trading activities and the pitfalls they face in doing so. Whilst at TSIC I also developed my research project further and am now aiming to do further work on my research at TSIC.

In August I met Charity Bank and have now confirmed a full time secondment to start in October. In the current climate, where mainstream banking is failing so many, I am excited to be joining such a purpose driven bank and to experience the sector from the social investors perspective.

While being on the Fellowship, I have also continued to support the development of initiatives at the Stone Soup Project and helped launch a new fostering agency in July and one of the UK’s first Alternative Provision Free Schools in September. I am on the Boards for both of these organisations, which brings with it a new and different set of leadership challenges. I now look forward to bringing the benefits of my learning from the Fellowship into these environments as I progress into the final stage of my Fellowship.

Current principal role: CEO
Current principal organisation: Caldecott Fostering
Other leadership role 1: CEO
Other organisation 1: Caldecott Fostering
Other leadership role 2: Vice Chair of Governors
Other organisation 2: Stone Soup Academy
Other leadership role 3: Trustee
Other organisation 3: Olmec

Research: Going mobile: Understanding how mobile technology can be harnessed for social impact
Research topics: Leadership; Social investment; Technology;
Secondment host: Charity Bank

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