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What does 'good' look like in engagement provision ?

What does 'good' look like in engagement provision ?

By Alison Kaye , May 2013

Alison Kaye's report focuses on Alternative Provision for 14-16’s and re-engagement programmes for 16-18’s delivered bythe social sector.

The riots of summer 2011 brought into greater focus the facts of low attainment for many young people and as a result created a sense of unease in politicians and policy makers about provision and support for this group. They highlighted links between the behaviour of young people, school attendance and attainment.

Practitioners have known and understood these links for some time, but the riots focused Government and policy makers attention more sharply on the nature of engagement provision designed to support some of our most educationally disadvantaged young people.

A succession of recent reports and national policy developments has highlighted gaps in engagement provision which has raised concern about its unregulated, variable quality and outcomes. 

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