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Carol Beaumont

Carol Beaumont

Type of Fellowship: General
Year of Fellowship: 2010

Update March 2010

March 2010 update

For me, it all started making sense with the 360 process. It was valuable to get a rounded picture of how others view you and I spent a lot of time on my own responses, thinking about how I react to different situations. “Know yourself, be yourself, look after yourself” is one of the mantras of the Programme and this was the start of a habit of becoming much more self-aware about myself and the impact I have on others.

The Fellows’ residential came around in January; we had come together as a group a couple of times before but, on the residential, it really became clear what a fantastic, supportive group it was going to be. Everyone brings different experiences and perspectives and I’ve been really taken by the genuine sense of Fellowship.

For my research project, I am examining the contribution that non-financial resources make to the sustainable funding mix. I wanted to look at this because, in my experience as a fundraiser, there seemed to be a mismatch of supply and demand in this area and I’m interested in what more can be done to specify, mobilise and manage non-financial resources more strategically.

Another of my interest areas is in the link between practice and strategy. This is something I hope to explore on secondment to St Giles Trust, where I’ll be working alongside the Chief Executive to refresh their strategic plan.

I am going to reassess my training needs after my secondment, but I have already decided to take the Common Purpose Meridian Programme which uses site visits to challenging contexts to learn from leaders and question your own leadership style.  Doing the Fellowship full-time, it’s important to me to gain exposure to the challenges and issues that others face and consider what I’d do in those situations.

Since starting the Programme, I have changed my views of what leadership is significantly.  I used to think it was all about setting the strategy. Now I understand it’s about setting the culture and creating an environment where people can come together around a shared vision to realise their own talents and do the best they can for the people and communities they serve.


LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/carolbeaumont
Twitter: @caro_beau

Current principal role: Director
Current principal organisation: The Social Change Agency
Other leadership role 1: Chair
Other organisation 1: PSHE Association

Research: From Fundraising to Resource Raising: how an organisation can use donated resources as part of an income-generation strategy
Research topics: Charity; Corporate social responsibility; Finance; Fundraising; Governance; Private sector; Partnerships ;
Secondment host: St Giles Trust

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