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Caroline Broadhurst

Caroline Broadhurst

Type of Fellowship: General
Year of Fellowship: 2012

How has this quarter has been for you?

I’ve been enjoying the fruits of my labour!  This quarter I have been on secondment and carrying out research.  Although a lot of the fellowship has been about addressing the leadership development plan, through training, coaching and mentoring, this quarter has seen these key ingredients of the fellowship coming together, translating thoughts and ideas into action.

Can you give us an example of how your leadership has had an impact on those around you?

I recently brought together four social sector leaders to deliver a workshop on sustainability.  As I was on secondment I was unable to direct the workshop plans so I offered guidance remotely.  The workshop was a great success and I learned that delegation is an art to be nurtured.  Leadership is not simply about setting an example, it’s about guiding others to lead.

In what way you are a better leader now than at the start of the Fellowship?

I’ve retained the passion and enthusiasm about my work and interests, but lost some of the negativity that comes with maintaining working relationships.  I’m definitely more tolerant and understanding of others, without compromising my own ideas and principles.

Tell us an important lesson you’ve learnt

When I started the fellowship, I felt there was leadership potential inside me but it was a bit jumbled up, not orderly and paced.  I’ve learnt that this is okay, life is not orderly and paced and we just need to make the most of leadership opportunities as they arise (with a few planning tools in the mix).  You don’t wake up one day and ‘become a leader’, the changes are much more subtle.

What has changed for you?

The Clore Social Leadership experience has helped me to open the doors of opportunity that were always there but I chosen in the past to put a ‘do not enter’ label on them.


Current principal role: Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Current principal organisation: Rank Foundation

Research: Strategic giving guided by Strong governance: A Philanthropic Utopia?
Research topics: Charity; Governance; Leadership;
Secondment host: Foundation Center, U.S.A.

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