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Caroline Broadhurst

Caroline Broadhurst

Type of Fellowship: General
Year of Fellowship: 2012

Update October 2012

No longer ‘new’ to the Clore Social Fellowship, I am starting to formulate ideas with, rather than without, substance.  At this stage of the leadership journey, I have put in place some of the key elements of the programme – coaching, mentoring, Action Learning sets and training. Before the Fellowship, I would have considered these aspects to be a treat or indulgence. Now I highly value the time I invest in these activities and use them all, in different ways, to help navigate the best way forward in carving out a leadership development plan that really will make a difference.

While it is easier to pinpoint new learning opportunities such as participating in the Business Capability workshops or developing new skills such as active listening in the Action Learning sets, it is more difficult to measure the impact of the Fellowship in the broader sense. The experience of the coaching and mentoring has created in me a calmness that makes me value the time to pause before jumping to conclusions or solutions. In practical terms I have explored both secondment and research options and have embedded some of the training, such as impact evaluation and strategic planning, into my day to day work.

On reflecting over the last three months there are two ‘light bulb moments’ that I will take forward with me. Firstly my interpretation of the social sector had been quite narrow and linear – it is indeed much wider, more complex and continuously emerging. There are many more opportunities for partnerships, shared interests and common goals.  Secondly, through coaching, mentoring and informal support from Clore Social Fellows, I have expanded my own expectations of what this leadership experience can achieve and the direction the journey will follow.  Parameters and practicalities are necessary to complete essential pieces of work on a daily basis, but big ideas and open minds are needed to make them worthwhile!

Current principal role: Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Current principal organisation: Rank Foundation

Research: Strategic giving guided by Strong governance: A Philanthropic Utopia?
Research topics: Charity; Governance; Leadership;
Secondment host: Foundation Center, U.S.A.

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