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Caroline Hukins

Caroline Hukins

Type of Fellowship: General
Year of Fellowship: 2012

How has this quarter of your Fellowship been?   

I have now concluded my secondment with the Leadership trust, leaving them with a report and recommendations for their charitable strategy.  I have also had to rethink my research project.  I learnt a great deal from my attempt to run a retreat for youth sector leaders, but numbers were not sufficient and I have parked that initiative until next year. 

My research will now be a project that I am undertaking with Collaborate (a new community interest company) looking at whether the movement of individuals between the three sectors during the course of their careers has a positive impact on collaboration between sectors.  If it does, then I want to know what can be done to foster, incentivise and remove the barriers to it happening.

What has been your greatest challenge?

Having to rethink my research plans and accept the learning from my first attempt at the youth leader retreat.  Then deciding what to do instead – finding as always that my ambitions are drastically thwarted by the constraints of time and money!

How has your leadership had an impact on those you work with?

In June I ran a 2012 fellows reunion residential in the Peak District.  I think this was a powerful and valuable experience for all of us who attended; it keeps our group alive and connected as an entity, rather than a group of individuals.  It would not have happened if I hadn’t taken the initiative and made it happen.  I hope it will also help in the longer term to ensure that the alumni from Clore stay in touch and continue to have a sense of working collaboratively together.

In what ways has your leadership style changed since the start of the Fellowship?

I am getting better at knowing and looking after myself.  I am accepting that change happens slowly sometimes, and that I can be ‘good enough’.   I am making more conscious choices about how I spend my time.  I am loving ‘mindful meditation’ and finding that I am able to approach things more calmly by doing this.

What have you learned this year?   

The value of working with others, and not trying to do everything alone.   Talk to people, share ideas, get advice, ask for help.

How have other Fellows helped you?

I had lots of really useful feedback from the residential weekend.   Both verbally and via evaluation forms.  And the design thinking workshop that we did on that weekend (suggested by Ruth) will really help me in creating my retreat weekends.

I also interviewed Ellie for my research project, and she gave me some great contacts.

Twitter: @CarolineHukins
Personal website/ blog: www.gingerlegend.com

Current principal role: Development Manager
Current principal organisation: Royal Forestry Society
Other leadership role 1: Trustee
Other organisation 1: TAMBA (Twins and Multiple Births Association)
Other leadership role 2: Governor
Other organisation 2: Ashton Keynes Primary School

Research: Leading Across the Sectors: The new career pathways for social change
Research topics: Change management; Charity; Employment; Leadership;
Secondment host: The Leadership Trust

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