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Cathy Elliott

Cathy Elliott

Type of Fellowship: General
Year of Fellowship: 2013

How has this quarter been for you?

I have brought experts and peers together to achieve social impact in the Community Foundation movement to create giving guides and philanthropy advising training.

I have been looking to the future on what might happen next in the short, medium to long term for me which has been exciting, having gained a very clear understanding in the last year on my role in the social sector where I can make the greatest contribution.

In what way you are a better leader now than at the start of the Fellowship?

I have greater clarity on my role in the social sector beyond day to day, which allows me to make a greater contribution.

Tell us a lesson you’ve learnt so far during the Fellowship programme

I have reinforced my belief in continuing to bring all sectors together as equal partners. 

Any other tips?

Achieving a life/work balance is important.

Tell us something we don’t know about Clore Social

I value having lived through the consequences of my decisions; however hard the decision were, they have paid off for the good for the benefit of my organisation. Clore Social has supported me through that decision-making. The Fellowship has also supported me in gaining a very clear understanding in the last year on my broader role in the social sector and where I can make the greatest contribution. 


Twitter: @MargotElliott

Current principal role: Chief Executive
Current principal organisation: Community Foundations for Lancashire & Merseyside
Other leadership role 1: Trustee
Other organisation 1: UK Community Foundations
Other leadership role 2: Trustee
Other organisation 2: RECLAIM

Research: Philanthropy Advising: How far should we go? Practitioner exploration into community foundation practice in the UK in 2013/14.
Research topics: Charity; Community development; Corporate social responsibility; Governance; Impact; Leadership; Policy; Private sector; Social investment; Values;
Secondment host: Shop Direct

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