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Cordelia Osewa-Ediae

Cordelia Osewa-Ediae

Type of Fellowship: General
Year of Fellowship: 2015

How have the early months of your Fellowship been, Cordelia?

It has been a time of upheaval and various challenges as this period saw me depart from The Adab Trust.  This has meant having to deal with a lot of changes while remaining focused on making the most of all the opportunities that come with the Fellowship.

How has your leadership been having an impact on those you work with or for?

I have been invited to act as a consultant on a training programme for undergraduates and recent graduates . I have also being invited to act as an adviser to two panels - a Home Office funded Police Now Panel and a University of Greenwich Brighter Futures Panel. I doubt I would have had the confidence to take up these offers prior to the Fellowship.

In what way you are a better leader now than at the start of the Fellowship?

I have become more confident in my abilities and I am better able to facilitate collaborations.

Tell us about an important lesson you’ve learnt so far during the Fellowship programme

I am not alone!

How have you been inspired by your fellow Fellows? Do any particular lessons spring to mind?

The Fellowship network is an amazing resource for learning and growth.  My fellow 2015 Fellows come with lots of talent and experience and I have learnt from them. I have also reached out to Fellows from previous years and I have received great advice from this 'village of wise men'. I struggle to identify just one piece of advice so here is my long list:

Jamie Audsley: The importance of coaching to clarify my career goals.

Dan Berelowitz: Consultancy is a science. Learn from those who have done it well.

Esther Foreman: Think big and think about how the Fellowship will enable you achieve your 5-10 year goals.

George Gabriel: Understand how community organising can support areas I wish to make an impact in.

Omar Khan: Understand how research feeds into public policy. Understand governance issues.

Rashid Iqbal: To identify the gaps in my toolkit and work to build them.

Alexander Maclean: Learn how to balance several roles. Remain true to your values.

Zubeda Limbada: Crowdfunding and the importance of networking.

Sinem Cakir: Avoid feeling pressured. Keep your focus and network lots.

Mary Duffy: Be honest about what you can or cannot do. Value yourself always.

Mark Walton: Accept the realities of how small charities operate.

Ceinwen Giles: Be true to yourself. Reach out to others.

Daniela Papi-Thornton: The Fellowship can boost your confidence. Think carefully about the choices you make regarding your  secondment.

Emily Lomax: Think about long-term goals when making choices and decisions

Baljeet Sandhu: Remain authentic and remember your value.

Natalie Campbell: Immerse yourself in the experience. Challenge boldly. Seek to learn more about key areas you know nothing about.

LaToyah Mcallister Jones: Aim to be really good in the space you choose to occupy. 'Outcomes' are negotiable....Be clear about those things you hold dear.

How would you sum it all up so far?

The most amazing thing is that every time I meet a Fellow for the first time, it is like we have known each other for ages. I feel like I am part of a group where EVERYONE is rooting for you.

LinkedIn: uk.linkedin.com/in/cordelia-osewa-ediae-58776422
Twitter: @Cordelia_OEdiae

Current principal role: Strategy Consultant
Current principal organisation: core Consulting Services
Other leadership role 1: Associate Consultant
Other organisation 1: Inclusive Employers
Other leadership role 2: Social Researcher
Other organisation 2: WASD
Other leadership role 3: Co-founder and Secretary
Other organisation 3: SSNCC, Welling

Research: Championing Inclusion - How leaders create environments that celebrate diversity and nurture inclusion.
Secondment host: NSPCC

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