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George Gabriel

George Gabriel

Type of Fellowship: Specialist
Year of Fellowship: 2014

Friends Provident Foundation
How have you found the last few months on the Fellowship?

This quarter saw me adapting and stretching to a new assignment within CitizensUK. I was coordinating our general election activity in addition to my work on the Living Wage and my projects in Nottingham. These have been a challenging couple of months, I've been asking myself big questions about what will let me achieve the difference that I aspire to make.

How is your leadership currently making a difference? 
We launched a major report into hate crime in Nottinghamshire. Under my leadership black Pentecostal Christians, Muslim communities and LGBT communities began a joint campaign for shared goals for the first time in the county.

What have you found challenging? 
The last few months has really put me through my paces. I have been trying to apply the enormous amount that I have learnt over the past 9 months. This is not some academic exercise, it is putting my learning into practice.

What have others noticed about your leadership since starting the Fellowship?
I am quieter, better able to create space for others and better able to build trust. Others have noticed that I am a better listener and a better teacher than before the Fellowship. I am also better at seeking out learning.

What important lessons have you learnt?
Take knocks, get back up. It is natural to have set backs, to fail and to struggle when one tries to do something hard. The social sector is strongly caused based, with a moral character, and this makes the knocks harder to take than in other sectors.

How has a fellow Fellow supported you?
Daniela Papi was very kind and generous at the June residential. I was struggling with a lot of priorities and  feeling stretched. I hope to be as kind and available to other Fellows should they be in need.

Twitter: @Glgabriel

Current principal role: Senior Organiser
Current principal organisation: Citizens uk

Research: Addressing Globalisation: the Living Wage as an approach to global wage inequality and working poverty
Secondment host: World Bank

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