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Ivo Gormley

Ivo Gormley

Type of Fellowship: General
Year of Fellowship: 2012

How has this final quarter been for you?

This quarter I feel like my fellowship is coming to an end and I’m fully in the real world.  I am currently managing the expansion of Good Gym to another seven areas across the UK.  I have taken a lot of pleasure in my running lately which has been helping me feel in control.  Over the year I’ve gone from being a casual runner to a reasonably competitive one. I have found the discipline of running to be useful for my day-to-day work too.  It forces you to focus and helps clarify your thoughts.  

Are you a better leader now than at the start of the Fellowship?

My confidence is certainly higher now.  I am not so rattled by the ups and downs of running an organisation.  I feel that people think I’m capable.  

Tell us something you’ve learnt so far during the Fellowship programme

On my Action Learning set – it is interesting the level to which I value it.  I value the relationships created through it but sometimes seems like such a huge luxury to spend a day talking about our problems.  I know it is valuable but I sometimes find it hard to evaluate its worth.

How have you been helped by another Fellow?

Dan Berelowitz has been helping me with my approach to expansion. This has been very useful. I’ve also been supported by Ruth Marvel who has been chairing Good Gym’s steering group.

Tell us something about the Clore Social experience

It’s a crazy thing to have a year to spend on becoming what you want to be.  It’s an extraordinary experience that no one should miss.  If you want to do something to help other people in your life, why would you not apply to do it?  

Twitter: @ivoivo

Current principal role: CEO
Current principal organisation: GoodGym
Other leadership role 1: Trustee
Other organisation 1: Art Against Knives

Research: Lessons from Pirates: what can the German Pirate Party tell us about the future of organisations?
Research topics: Governance; Impact; Leadership; Policy; Public sector; Technology;
Secondment host: TaskRabbit

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