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Ivo Gormley

Ivo Gormley

Type of Fellowship: General
Year of Fellowship: 2012

Update April 2012

The initial reflective stage of the Clore programme was useful for me. It confirmed and identified things I’m good at and things that I’m not so good at. It did so in a way that was easy to stomach and I have frequently referred to the various reports that were produced.  In a way, the process has made me more comfortable with who I am, as I have had to externalise and accept previously un-documented aspects of my personality and character.

The relationship I have developed with my peers on the programme has already proved extremely valuable. Their knowledge of, and reflections on, my practice and on the social sector have given me useful insight and helped to develop my social enterprise Good Gym.  Sam Anderson recently arranged a meeting of people to discuss Good Gym in Edinburgh which looks likely to assist the project.

Having regular contact with the other 2012 Fellows has given me a resource for advice and feedback. I feel very comfortable to speak directly and bluntly with most members of the group, and they have provided me with extremely useful feedback.

I am working very hard as I am doing the Fellowship alongside my work on Good Gym. They are both huge opportunities that I feel I have to seize. Getting the Clore Fellowship has coincided with getting two grants for Good Gym.  I need to work hard at this stage to prepare for being able to leave to do a secondment.

I’ve had two Action Learning sets and have found them fascinating in revealing people’s personalities, insecurities and discrepancies in relation to their leadership. They also appeared to have provided very useful advice and support for the Fellows who have ‘presented’.

It feels very exciting to have this amount of freedom and also have the security bursary and the support of the other Fellows and the Clore team. I don’t have babies or anyone dependent on me, so I feel like this is a unique time for me to take risks and work hard. It seems like an opportunity I will never have again so I feel a big pressure to make the most of it.

Twitter: @ivoivo

Current principal role: CEO
Current principal organisation: GoodGym
Other leadership role 1: Trustee
Other organisation 1: Art Against Knives

Research: Lessons from Pirates: what can the German Pirate Party tell us about the future of organisations?
Research topics: Governance; Impact; Leadership; Policy; Public sector; Technology;
Secondment host: TaskRabbit

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