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Joe Ludlow

Joe Ludlow

Type of Fellowship: Specialist
Year of Fellowship: 2010

NESTA Fellow

Update March 2010

The focus of my Fellowship is social investment – using financial capital to build the capacity of the social sector to deliver impact. Too often a lack of capital is a constraint on impact, and I’m committed, through my Fellowship, to helping charities and funders better understand the importance of capital.

Since beginning the Fellowship I’ve been developing a project looking at a concept I’ve developed of ‘impact chains’– the organisations and services in a particular field that are critical to the achievement of long term impact. It’s a bit like a supply chain in the manufacture of products. My idea is that larger organisations in an impact chain ought to act as investors across the chain to ensure overall impact happens – organisations frequently focus only on their activities and ignore their reliance on the interventions of others in their impact chain.

I’ve lined up one organisation to pilot the approach with (as part of my secondment), but I’m looking for one or two more organisations who would be willing to help me test the model. I’ve written a paper which can be downloaded here: Large Charities as Social Investors Project Proposal FINAL.


Current principal role: Impact Investment Director
Current principal organisation: Nesta
Other leadership role 1: Board Member
Other organisation 1: Bethnal Green Ventures

Research: Impact Networks: Charities Working Together to Improve Outcomes
Research topics: Charity; Impact;
Secondment host: Nesta

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