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Jonathan Taylor

Jonathan Taylor

Type of Fellowship: Specialist
Year of Fellowship: 2011

Deloitte Fellow

Update September 2011

The third quarter has had slightly contradictory qualities, with an increasing awareness of the passing of time, and the need to get on, balanced by the fact that it has been holiday season, and at work our FY11 year end.

The quarter started with a bang with the mid year mini-residential at Roffey Park in early July. This was a helpful focusing on priorities and Clore relationships, and learning around the subject matter of personal and organisational resilience and organisational strategy. The responsiveness of the trainer and the Clore staff team to Fellows’ suggestions and preferences was exemplary. However in some respects the whole felt at risk of being less than the sum of its parts. In retrospect this was partly in my case for the personal reasons of immediately subsequent holidays and busy-ness at work. In addition, I was perhaps unfairly aware of the comparison with the opening January residential, which was both twice as long, and at which so much more was novel and therefore particularly impactful.

I have settled into what I would consider quite a deep working relationship with my coach, who is by turns provocative, challenging and extremely supportive. Among other things he has introduced me to solution focused working practices, which have been revelatory, and on a more personal level to reading material (Authentic Happiness, Martin Seligman) which has been revelatory in a different way, and inspiring in parts. He continues to challenge me with much wider perspectives of the issues I bring to him, and I feel my horizons slowly expanding when I am with him.

Our third Action Learning set felt more rewarding and productive, as we continue to settle into the Action Learning set disciplines, and I think those whose issues/questions are being discussed feel this is more helpful than in earlier sessions. Relationships within the group are naturally deepening, and this is one of the main pleasures of the group for me personally to date as someone whose issue has not yet been chosen.

I’ve now had a couple of conversations with each of my two mentors, one work related, the other Andrew Hind. At our last meeting Andrew and I considered the relative merits of the two very different research subjects I have been thinking about. This proved the death knell for the more technical issue I have been exploring longest, and a helpful encouragement to take forward the wider issue I have been considering. This relates to the impact on charity Finance Directors when they become trustees of charities themselves, both on their performance in their work, and also their satisfaction levels and professional development. A smaller element will relate to the benefit to charities when they acquire this level of expertise. I am currently starting discussions with nfp Synergy and the Charity Finance Directors Group about the scope and nature of the study.

I am continuing to broaden my networks, though again relatively slowly over this summer period, and will continue to do so throughout the autumn. Carrying out the research project will naturally bring many networking opportunities. I had intended to attend at least one training course before Christmas, but unfortunately all of the ones I have been interested in have clashed with either Clore or work or personal commitments, so outside of the occasional day course on a fairly technical subject, most of my training activities are now likely to take place in 2012, along with a secondment, as agreed in my leadership development plan.

Current principal role: Director of Finance and Resources
Current principal organisation: JDRF
Other leadership role 1: Trustee
Other organisation 1: Local Trust
Other leadership role 2: Trustee
Other organisation 2: The Educational Frontier Trust

Research: Beyond Eeyore: Growing your influence as a charity finance director
Research topics: Finance; Impact; Leadership;
Secondment host: New Philanthropy Capital

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