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Marie Mumby

Marie Mumby

Type of Fellowship: General
Year of Fellowship: 2012

How has your leadership has had an impact on those you work with recently?

I recently organised and facilitated a cross sector event bringing together established and emerging leaders from the private and social sectors.  We explored the issue of cross sector collaboration and how to overcome the barriers created by the preconceptions we hold, which happened in real time at the event!  After the event I reflected on how well I was able to lead outside of my authority and the impact I was able to have, regardless of how established the other leaders were or which sector they were from.

In what way you are a better leader now than at the start of the Fellowship?

I feel more comfortable sitting at the table!  When I started out on the Clore Social journey I wanted to ‘get the right people around the table’ and ‘feel like an equal’.  After spending three months working in the private sector on secondment, doing an action research project on cross sector collaboration and getting lots of exposure to a wide range of people – I can honestly say I know I am capable of bringing the appropriate people to the table, I am confident to sit there and can use the space and time to create social change.  

Tell us something you’ve learnt 

That although like Martin Luther King ‘I have a dream’, the likelihood is that I am not going to change the world but that this shouldn’t stop me creating change on a smaller scale.  I have come to realise that by being the best leader I can be, I can drive forward positive change in organisations, influence policy and practice and mobilise resources.  I’ve realised that, actually, this level of social change is good enough.

By focusing my attention and skills as a leader on improving the lives of young people and communities in the UK, the teams I work with and I can and do have a meaningful impact.  

What have you learned from others during this time?

Discussing personal experiences of ‘mindfulness’ courses with other Fellows at our Fellow-led residential in June led me to look at some further readings and to be inspired by the serenity prayer: “...grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference”  (Reinhold Niebuhr). 

I have wasted a lot of energy on trying to change things that I now realise I cannot change.  I now recognise that what I need to do is know when I’m in one of these situations and to change the way I respond to them to use my energy and enthusiasm where it can make the most difference.

What are your thoughts on the overall Clore Social experience?  

The Clore Social Leadership Programme has opened my eyes, expanded my mind, widened my horizons and increased my faith in others as well as my own self-belief.  I can not thank Clore Social enough for such an amazing opportunity nor thank the Fellows enough for being a constant source of support, challenge and inspiration. 


Twitter: @mumby76

Current principal role: Training, Operations & Marketing Manager
Current principal organisation: Northumbria University

Research: When collaboration knocks- open the door! (Cross sector collaboration and the preconceptions of leaders that get in the way) - Animation
Research topics: Corporate social responsibility; Leadership; Private sector;
Secondment host: Proctor & Gamble

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