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Mark Walton

Mark Walton

Type of Fellowship: General
Year of Fellowship: 2012

Update October 2012

My focus during this quarter has been on establishing Shared Assets and I have found the Business Capability workshops a useful place to consider some of the fundamentals of strategic and financial planning and management whilst I am developing my own business plan and work programme.

I am now moving into the second half of my Fellowship. As I do so I feel a shift from exploration and reflection to more practical application and action in the second half of my Fellowship through the research and secondment activities; moving from ‘knowing myself’ to ‘being myself’ perhaps. I’m also making a concerted effort to ‘look after myself’ this autumn with a mixture of meditation and exercise!

During this quarter I have had two coaching sessions with Mark Thompson. We explored issues of personal power, purpose and role. At the end of the fifth coaching session it felt as though we had undertaken a complete arc with regard to this coaching series. We have left open the possibility for future sessions but do not have any planned.

I have been approaching a number of organisations in order to identify potential research case studies including the National Trust, Crown Estates and Forestry Commission. I have attended an internal staff day at the National Trust focusing specifically on sustainable communities and had an initial meeting with Forestry Commission staff and local community members at Young Wood, part the Neroche Project, in Somerset.

I am still exploring potential secondment opportunities with owners of significant environmental assets. I have made formal approaches to the National Trust and Canal and River Trust and am arranging follow up discussions with both. I am also trying to make contact with relevant staff in The Crown Estate.

I approached Lord (Chris) Smith, Chair of the Environment Agency who has agreed to act my mentor. We had an introductory meeting in August and have a second meeting planned for October.

Twitter: @markcwalton

Current principal role: Executive Director
Current principal organisation: Shared Assets Ltd
Other leadership role 1: Member
Other organisation 1: Defra's Civil Society Partnership Network

Research: Making Land Work: Case Studies in Collaboration
Research topics: Environment; Health and well-being; Leadership; Social enterprise;
Secondment host: National Trust

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