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Michele Lee Golden

Michele Lee Golden

Type of Fellowship: General
Year of Fellowship: 2013

Update Spring 2013

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learnt from the Fellowship so far?

That I take many things for granted about myself that I shouldn’t.  The second most important lesson I’ve learnt is that there are many, many legitimate ways of being a leader.  That might seem like a rather obvious lesson but I felt a huge sense of relief when I realised it for myself.

What about the greatest challenge you’ve faced?

If you meant ‘challenge’ in terms of ‘stretch’, my greatest opportunity for stretch so far has been the January residential, as I consciously decided to spend the week outside of my comfort zone.  It proved to be both more uncomfortable and more valuable than I’d expected it to be.  

What have you learnt from your fellow Fellows?

I met with a Fellow from a previous cohort to find out how he had balanced the Fellowship with his work and new family commitments.  He had used some of his training budget to train as a coach and he turned out to be an excellent coach indeed! 

What impact is your leadership having on others?

I have found myself creating Clore-inspired learning opportunities for other freelancers I know, and I can see that this is having a positive impact on them.

How would you sum up your Fellowship experience so far?

Nothing short of amazing.  What an absolute privilege to be part of the programme.  The Clore team should expect a glut of applications this year as I’ve encouraged everyone I know to apply!


Twitter: @michelelgolden

Current principal role: Operations and innovation consultant
Current principal organisation: Michele Lee Golden
Other leadership role 1: Director
Other organisation 1: Cobble Street Ltd

Research: Social Leadership Outside of Organisations
Research topics: Change management; Governance; Impact;
Secondment host: London Early Years Foundation

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