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Owen Jarvis

Owen Jarvis

Type of Fellowship: Specialist
Year of Fellowship: 2012

NESTA Fellowship

Update October 2012

The last quarter has seen me transition from my day-job into being a full-time Clore Social Fellow. In one of my final events at Aspire, I participated in Green Light a national campaign in the housing sector to promote social enterprise and job creation, which is starting to build momentum after 18 months. I have been discussing with Clore Social Fellow, Mark Richardson (who is a consultant on the initiative) reflecting upon how these campaigns can be planned and build momentum. I also had chance to meet Patrick Shine of Shaftesbury Partnership and compared notes on their experience and how you scale up social ventures.

I’ve started the process of looking in greater depths at social innovation. This included the chance to meet with a senior manager at Oxfam to discuss how innovation works in practice within a large organisation and well known brand. I’ve also attended Nesta’s launch event on Frugal Innovations, showcasing leading thinkers and some inspiring examples of life-changing innovations in India.  

I was hugely inspired and humbled by the insights of grassroots leaders who gave their stories and insights in helping shape incredible change at The Arab Revolutions: What You Need To Know, an event curated by the South Bank Centre.

I have also been trying to take some inspiration from other fields and have been trying to get to grips with popular science. Massive: The Hunt for the God particle by Ian Sample. One point that stood out was a quotation from Nobel Prize winner George Paget Thomson: "the goddess of learning is fabled to have sprung full grown from the brain of Zeus, but it is seldom that a single scientific conception is born in its final form, or owns a single parent. More often it is the product of a series of minds, each in turn modifying the ideas of those that came before, and providing material for those that come after".

Twitter: @owenjarvis
Personal website/ blog: changebrokers.wordpress.com

Current principal role: Service Design and Development Manager
Current principal organisation: Citizens Advice
Other leadership role 1: Entrepreneur
Other organisation 1: Money Saving Movement

Research: When Bees meet Trees: How large social sector organisations can help to scale social innovation
Research topics: Change management; Charity; Social investment;
Secondment host: RSA

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