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Richard Wilson

Richard Wilson

Type of Fellowship: General
Year of Fellowship: 2012

Update October 2012

I am at a point whereby I have a real sense of focus of how I want to spend my time for the remainder of my Fellowship, but the high levels of momentum that I had during the first half of the year have been hit during the summer. In particular it is proving slow to finalise the agreements for the secondment and the research report production.

I completed my coaching sessions in June 2012, but have a sense that they were very helpful in providing an anchor for the Fellowship and have agreed to reinstate them for the final part of the Fellowship.

A recurring theme for me in recent months has been that I am in an unusual position for someone of my age to have run social organisations for over a decade. I also have considerable experience in a wide range of management and content specialism’s and decent professional networks. I also very much enjoy working with people and leading them, and although this year has been an interesting break from this I do look forward to taking what is my more natural role as a full team member in the not too distant future. All this gives me confidence that I should build directly upon these, whilst taking a step change in the impact I have.

It is my intention to undertake a secondment with the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) and either the BBC or The Guardian. The idea being that I learn both about the content of the OII research, but also how they work. And my leadership stretch will be to produce articles on demand on a regular basis for a media organisation.

I have a sense that I will play a role in a reconfiguration of the social sector. At least that is my intention and my plans for the next few months reflect this intent.


Twitter: @richwi1son
Personal website/ blog: www.theguardian.com/profile/richardwilson / www.richwilson.org

Current principal role: Director
Current principal organisation: OSCA
Other leadership role 1: Writer
Other organisation 1: Guardian

Research: Anti Hero: The Hidden Revolution in Leadership & Change
Research topics: Campaigning; Change management; Charity; Governance; Impact; Leadership; Values;
Secondment host: IDEO

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