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Ruth Ibegbuna

Ruth Ibegbuna

Type of Fellowship: General
Year of Fellowship: 2013

Update Winter 2013

How has this quarter been for you?
This quarter is the one where I have become aware of timescales and also aware that my initial thoughts regarding the direction of my fellowship have shifted. My knowledge of my own skillset feels more accurate and I am questioning whether I should deviate away from a path that felt quite obvious a few months ago. All the plans that I made now feel a little less definite and I am far more interested in other, new areas of development. This is therefore leading to some uncertainty as to whether it is wise to switch direction within the Fellowship at this point.

How has your leadership had an impact on those you work with?
We now work to guiding principles that have helped shaped who we are and how we work. I led the managers on a ‘Scanning the Sector’s Future’ away-day and this contributed to a shift in the slightly entrenched attitude that was developing as the cuts begin to affect us.

I have realised that I am, at heart, a campaigner. It is when campaigning that I am most effective and when I feel that my skills are wholly utilised. I have started a new campaign to support the Lawrence family in gaining the answers they need to understand what happened in the aftermath of Stephen’s murder.

In what way you are a better leader now than at the start of the Fellowship?
I am far more self-aware and self-questioning. The whole process of double-looping is one that I have found simple but hugely effective in challenging why I (and others) react in the way that I/they do. I have more time for understanding the different people have different learning and leadership styles and not to become impatient with those who I used to feel were blocking progress or who were slow to jump on-board with new ideas.

Tell us an important lesson you’ve learnt so far during the Fellowship programme
To listen more and to speak less. It sounds obvious but for someone who has been leading from the front (loudly) for years, this has been quite a revelation!

Anything else?
Simply that my leadership has been enhanced through a better understanding of the motivations of others, especially those who willingly follow leaders.

Twitter: @MsIbegbuna

Current principal role: Chief Executive and Founder
Current principal organisation: RECLAIM Project -
Other leadership role 1: Mentor to three start-ups

Research: On Youth (Youth, social exclusion and social injustice)
Research topics: Charity; Children and families;
Secondment host: Oasis School of Human Relations

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