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Ruth Marvel

Ruth Marvel

Type of Fellowship: General
Year of Fellowship: 2012

Update Spring 2012

For me the first few months of the Fellowship have been a period of thinking, exploring and reflecting. Leadership development is relatively new concept to me so I've been enjoying learning more about it and taking the time to think through what I would like to get out of the programme, personally as well as professionally. I've found the focus on self-awareness and self knowledge to be really powerful and the 360 feedback and week-long residential have provided great 'scaffolding' for my thinking and have helped me begin to prioritise.

As a part-time Fellow, I don't yet feel the pressure to 'get on with things' in the same way as those on the full-time programme and I'm really enjoying taking some time out to reflect. That said, getting the balance right between Clore, my demanding day job at Scope, and family life has its own challenges. I think striking the right balance is going to require ongoing fine tuning and I'm looking forward to thinking about this more with my coach.

So far I am really enjoying the Action Learning experience and can't believe this tool is not used more widely in the social sector; it's incredibly powerful, helps builds really strong relationships, and has the added bonus of being practically free. I've also taken part in a Leadership Excellence course run by the Disney Institute which was really thought-provoking and helped me see that values driven organisations are not just the preserve of the social sector. It's hard to think of a more motivating organisational mission than 'creating happiness'!

Getting to know my fellow Fellows on the 2012 programme has also been a highlight, they are a really diverse bunch of people and their achievements and ambition are really inspiring. The opportunity to meet with other people across the social sector, to debate our purpose and the big issues facing us all, increases the value of the programme enormously for me.

Thought provoking ‘stuff’ so far:

Build on your strengths; don't dwell on your weaknesses.
Walt Disney comparing himself to a bee, buzzing round his organisation, collecting pollen from one team and using it to pollinate another...
Good feedback is the key to continuous improvement.

Twitter: @ruthbmarvel

Current principal role: Director of Foresight and Innovation
Current principal organisation: Scope
Other leadership role 1: Trustee
Other organisation 1: Riders for Health
Other leadership role 2: Non-Exec Director
Other organisation 2: GoodGym

Research: When Bees Meet Trees - how large social sector organisations can help scale social innovation
Research topics: Impact; Leadership; Social enterprise; Social innovation;
Secondment host: Future Foundation

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