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Stephanie Rose

Stephanie Rose

Type of Fellowship: General
Year of Fellowship: 2014

How has this quarter been for you?

My role as lead on the community strategic strand for Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland continues to intertwine with my Fellowship in fascinating ways. Ultimately I am really interested in how we, in Scotland, bring about the shift as set out by The Christie Commission; to prevent spend whilst also dealing with public sector cuts and an ageing demographic. That has a much broader remit than investment, but investment is one potential part of the role. Figuring out how we invest with the greatest impact into communities, as a funder, is allowing me to explore some of those questions; tying into my wider interest in the investment in the sector. My role as lead on the community stategic strand is also involving me in all aspects of leading on a programme, and so I am able to use the skills we have been learning as Clore Social Fellows through the year which have been extremely helpful.

In what way do you feel you are better leader now than at the start of the Fellowship? 

I have had feedback that I appear much more confident and less apologetic about myself. I wrote a reflective piece after the September residential about 'speaking out' and this helped me to understand myself better. It also promopted me to challenge myself more on the issuse. Throughout the programme I have been testing myself more and more, and gradually pushing myself that bit further. 

Whats the most important lesson you have used so far?

I have learnt a huge amount so far, but the most crucial from my leadership perspective is the greater understanding of myself.  I am able to notice more about myself,  see more of my strengths and do something to strengthen them. Equally I am able to understand my weaknesses. I can recognise where I can do something about a weakness, and where to accept it and make my team stronger through recruiting someone with that specific skill set.

What have you learnt from your fellow Fellows?

Daniela Papi suggested on the September residential that we all write 
write an appreciative sentence and a sentence on what we’d like to see more of from everyone in the group; the excercise had an amazingly powerful result and has inspired me. I also love spending time with Jane Bruce and love her wise-ness, intellect, sense of humour and practical approach to life

How would you describe your Clore Social Fellowship journey so far?

Clore Social is a wonderful immersion, alongside an amazing and diverse cohort of fellows, in a journey of discovery about yourself. This is combined with the provision of a rich set of practical tools all significantly enriching your ability to lead in the sector.

I love the photo below. It’s the title for an exhibition of Nick Hedges' photos for Shelter taken from 1968 to 1972 ; I think it says it all. A very powerful and moving exhibition.

Twitter: @RoseRosehome

Current principal role: Investment & Communities Manager
Current principal organisation: LLoyds TSB Foundation for Scotland
Other leadership role 1: Trustee and Treasurer
Other organisation 1: Children 1st
Other leadership role 2: Trustee
Other organisation 2: Evaluation Support Scotland

Research: What progress has been made, in Scotland, “in favour of preventative action” in the delivery of public services? What is limiting that progress and if lack of financial resources is one of the limitations, are there other sources of finance that could be used to support preventative action?
Research topics: Social investment;
Secondment host: WEVolution

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