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Stuart Griffiths

Stuart Griffiths

Type of Fellowship: General
Year of Fellowship: 2014

Update Spring 2014

How have you found your first few months as a Clore Social Fellow?

The start of my Fellowship has already had a large impact on me.

The January residential was stretching and helped me develop the way I  think, work, lead and view leadership with some real tangible changes  and improvements in the way I work.

I was surprised in some respects by the final content of my leadership development plan, things are not heading the way I was expecting  before the fellowship. The experience of the Fellowship, up to writing the plan, has widened my context and view of what is possible over the next two years and has helped me think through more deeply the impact I want to make and different ways I might do that.

If I were to stop here I would already be a far more effective leader and have a wide awareness of how to continue to develop outside of the Fellowship.

How has being a Clore Social Fellow had an impact on those you work with?

At the January residential Eve Poole described an 'apprentice piece' -  a very specific, perhaps even quite small, challenge you set yourself and work on in order develop yourself. I have used this idea of  picking some pieces of work and turning them into apprentice's pieces to practice different skills or tackle a difficult issue.

I ran a well-received training session on project management with my  Directorate who have since used the tools in their work and are  finding them beneficial.

I also created a  productive session for a large meeting to help us design a decision-making framework for my Research Innovation Team.

In what way are you a better leader now than at the start of your Fellowship?

I am far quicker to challenge my own thinking and assumptions before I develop an opinion on an issue or make a decision. This has led me to spot opportunities that in the past I may have missed, and helped me  to be less stressed when issues arise. It has also allowed me to  simplify some of my work as I have recognised that I can work in an abstract way that can over complicate issues.

Lastly it has helped me understand other people more as I think through how they may be evaluating an issue.

Share with us an important lesson that you've learnt so far during your Fellowship

I have been widening my context and view of issues following the January residential and learning to fit that with my "winter", that is  to say action orientated, nature that was described from the Four Seasons personality model.

This has been helpful in one key way in daily work. It has helped me  to open up more options around a piece of work rather than just  relentlessly driving forward and getting stressed when not being able to do everything.

Have you learnt anything from your fellow Fellows?

I have taken advantage of an opportunity to work with Owen Jarvis and Sinem Cakir to create an event called the Clore Social Games. We want to explore how different types of games can be used for leadership development and social change. 

If you had to summarise your Clore Social experience so far...

If the fellowship only consisted of what have experienced in my first  three months I would already be a far more effective leader with an  awareness of how to continue to develop. I can't wait to see where I will be by the end!


Twitter: @stu_p_griffiths

Current principal role: Assistant Director - Research and Strategy
Current principal organisation: Breast Cancer Now

Research: Exploring the future of medical research: An example and guide on how to generate Foresight regarding the future of UK medical research
Secondment host: Neurological Alliance

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