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Yaseer Ahmed

Yaseer Ahmed

Type of Fellowship: General
Year of Fellowship: 2011

Update April 2011

Within the last 6 months, I’ve really valued the opportunity to take time out and reflect, and to map out my organisational as well personal development and leadership timeline. The latter process highlighted the broad range of experiences I’ve had, and brought out my achievements to date, which has helped to reenergise me and bolster my confidence.

I decided, recently, to give up my full time post at the Bolton Council of Mosques, whilst still remaining active within the Muslim community. This frees up my time to focus on the Fellowship and the next stages of my leadership journey.

I’ve now met my coach a couple of times, and am currently looking for mentor. For the secondment, I’d like to focus on embedding shared values into an organisation, from consultation and adoption, to recruitment and performance management. For my research, I’d like to focus on models that measure and help promote emotional well-being within the work place.

Having been a Non-Executive in the NHS now for nearly 8 years, I have seen significant change in three major cycles. I’ve also seen huge change within the faith and social sector, as we fight for our survival and to overcome negative stereotypes. I’ve seen the private sector go from ‘elephant’, the ‘flee’, and back to ‘elephant’ (Charles Handy). In all of this change, what stands out for me is the many leaders who are “here today” (achieving significantly as part of their own career plan), and “gone tomorrow”, leaving behind decisions, people and communities, that each time, effectively have to start again.

Through my Fellowship and beyond, I want to help develop the elements that will always remain and that are the fundamental building blocks to any organisation or community and its ongoing success: the people and their core values!

 The Fellowship, my ‘Fellow’ colleagues and the Clore Social Leadership team have been brilliant and, indeed, very patient in helping me to ensure that I can give as much as I gain.

Current principal role: General Manager
Current principal organisation: British Muslim Heritage Centre

Research: The Right Values: Do non-profits live up to their ethos?
Research topics: Equality; Governance; Leadership; Values;
Secondment host: Cancer Research UK

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