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Yaseer Ahmed

Yaseer Ahmed

Type of Fellowship: General
Year of Fellowship: 2011

Update September 2011

This last quarter has been full of personal and professional challenges, requiring resilience, innovative working and having faith in my own knowledge, skills and experiences. The quote is relevant in that I’m constantly being faced with ethical and moral dilemmas, and have been dealing with people whose only interest appears to be that of self-interest, whilst unfortunately occupying positions of influence and power.

Not only have I parted company with Bolton Council of Mosques; my NHS Non Exec Director position of 8 years ends this November; and I have resigned as a member of the central working committee of the Muslim Council of Britain and I am no longer supporting in the development of their national leadership programme. I’ve had a couple of job offers from organisations that I respect and value, but I’ve turned down both.

All of the above has been in order to maintain focus and develop a sustainable plan towards doing what I really want to do in an environment in which I can fully utilise my skills, but also be stretched to consistently give more.

I’ve also moved house and my wife and I will be having our fourth child this October, so it’s been a busy time.

I’ve been able to focus on my coaching and reinforce my plans, clarify my values, my focus and re-assert my achievements.

The key area of reflective learning this quarter has been the need to trust my own judgements, which are based on my knowledge and experiences. I’ve been absolutely correct in predicting a number of challenges that face me, that face the sector, as well as the NHS. What’s clear is that I am a forward thinker, I see the bigger picture. I’m creative and capable.

I’ve resolved never to understate my achievements and never to be unjust to myself.  It’s been difficult to achieve whilst balancing the fundamental value of humility, but it’s necessary for my personal development and contribution to the sector and society as a whole.

Another key focus has been the importance of engagement and of effective challenge. I’ve truly been appalled by the lack of integrity in various places, as well as by the lack of diversity within the leadership of the social as well as public sectors. My immediate response is usually of fight or flight (more often flight), but I’m learning to stand and respond more effectively.

I have established a new business focusing on training and organisational development and decided to focus on two particular areas for the remainder of my Fellowship: HR (in particular training and development) and values and ethics in leadership. These will help shape my choice of secondment and research.

Current principal role: General Manager
Current principal organisation: British Muslim Heritage Centre

Research: The Right Values: Do non-profits live up to their ethos?
Research topics: Equality; Governance; Leadership; Values;
Secondment host: Cancer Research UK

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