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Yaseer Ahmed

Yaseer Ahmed

Type of Fellowship: General
Year of Fellowship: 2011

Update October 2012

As I move swiftly into the end of the Fellowship, the last quarter has been by far the most powerful. Busy with delivering training, coaching others and in meetings, with Ramadan sandwiched in between (a month this year of daily 18 hour fasting, building on my patience, resilience, self awareness and indeed wisdom), the quarter has been energising.

I’ve started my Executive Coaching and Mentoring qualification, alongside becoming an accredited trainer using Cultural Transformation Tools, focusing on the concept of ‘whole systems approaches’ in developing ‘Values based organisations’ at the same time as realising the commercial and social return on investment. I’ve also started my MBA, thus augmenting the vast experience and achievements I have in working at all levels in the social, private as well as public sectors, with accredited expertise.

Exploring the key challenges facing the social sector at present and into the future, I’ve resolved to pursue and align my practice-based research with a very real and personal passion of mine: the importance of values-based organisational development, where we put people first and maintain that commitment. I’m building on a conversation I started many years ago within the public sector around ‘values’ and community engagement, by investigating and identifying the key values that underpin the social sector.  Hoping to reignite and add to a much needed debate around identity and contribution to society as well as the sector, whilst managing the challenges of survival, change and sustainability.

I came on the Fellowship driven by a passion to help break down cultural barriers at a senior level, leading the way to engender a deeper sense and value of diversity within the sector.  Listening to my Clore colleagues as emerging and in many cases established leaders within the social sector, as well as reflecting on feedback I’ve received through my various interactions, I’m heartened and indeed inspired to know that my presence and contribution is making a positive and hopefully cumulative impact.

Update May 2012

I started 2012 with a view to bolstering and enhancing my knowledge and area of expertise and interest, namely in people and organisational development. My aim was to continue to add to my tool kit, whilst completing a secondment and my research, resulting in increased opportunities to support the social sector either in a paid capacity or as a secondee and volunteer.

I’ve been very busy developing my own training company. I’ve delivered Myers Briggs training; designed and delivered a faith-literacy programme and a cultural awareness programme.

I started my secondment at CRUK within their Learning & Development team. It was an excellent opportunity to learn about how one of the biggest Charity’s in the UK conducts its people development activities; I learned a huge amount and gained some excellent insights, not only into the organisation, but also myself. I learned, very quickly, that travelling to London and staying a few days a week away from home wasn’t the best way to bring out the best in me. I decided, in the end, to move and find another secondment, closer to home.

I am now working in an advisory role at a local Charitable Trust, helping it develop its infrastructure for the future.

Through the Clore experience I’d spent last year disembarking from a number of very fast moving trains, onto a platform that allowed me to review, reflect and reenergise. I was somewhat hesitant this last quarter to get onto a new train, but having done so, I’m enjoying the journey.

What I’ve learned in this last quarter is that, in taking advice and receiving feedback, I often over-analyse the content and nature of the advice. I need to focus on the positive and, while I love to plan, what I need to do more of is to act and to be able to quickly filter my thoughts – essentially to leap onto the next train on my leadership journey.

Current principal role: General Manager
Current principal organisation: British Muslim Heritage Centre

Research: The Right Values: Do non-profits live up to their ethos?
Research topics: Equality; Governance; Leadership; Values;
Secondment host: Cancer Research UK

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