Draw Your Missing Person

Drawing the ‘missing person’ person of your team is a fun and non-threatening way to identify gaps and areas of development.

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Time 30 Minutes
Participants Self or with team
Difficulty Easy - no matter artistic ability!
Materials Pens, paper

The Missing person exercise helps you think about your team and your own role within it. If you don't have a team that you're currently working with, choose another group of people you know well, who are working to accomplish something together.

In their Case studies, David shares how the exercise was useful for him looking at what isn't there, and the possibilities this may bring. Kate shares how the exercise forced her to analyse a problem from a different perspective and reflect on her own leadership.



Take a sheet of paper and some pens. Why not with some colour!


Imagine you had a colleague who was off today. Which is a shame, because if they had been present, your team would have been exceptional, highly functioning and would have achieved all you set out to achieve. Now draw this missing person, as specifically as you can.

Would they have big ears for all that listening? Octopus tentacles for all the multitasking? Extra eyes to spot things you missed?


Reflect on what you uncovered through doing the missing person exercise? How will you, as a leader, now act to address the gaps that were identified?

Facilitator notes

Drawing your missing person can be a great exercise to do together with your team to help you reflect on what your gaps are.

When talking about gaps in your team it’s easy for people to feel as it’s results of their personal shortcomings or that they start blaming each other. Drawing a ‘missing person’ makes it into much more of a playful exercise allowing the team to remove themselves.

Nobody can have tentacles for multi tasking or extra eyes. By seeing this unrealistic picture the discussions can move from ‘who’s to blame’ for the current state of the team to ‘what we can do’ to fill the gaps we have. It also makes for lovely office art!


The ‘Missing Person’ exercise is developed by long time Clore Social Associate Eve Poole and can be read in full in her book Leadersmithing. Connect with Eve on @evepoole

The Clore Social team has developed the instructions for the “Draw your missing Person” exercise which is used with participants on the Discover programme. There, participants draw the missing people of their teams and share it with the group which always makes for a nice picture gallery and many laughs.


Extended Introduction by Sam
Case Study

Extended Introduction by Sam

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Draw your missing person by David
Case Study

Draw your missing person by David

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