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Draw Your Missing Person by Kate

Kate McCauley Policy and Practice Manager, Housing Rights

Reflecting on leadership

I used this tool in the context of the Clore Social mantra ‘Know Yourself, Be Yourself, Look After Yourself’ as a way to reflect on my own leadership.

I lead a multi-disciplinary team and the person I drew was someone who could join dots and see how all functions fit together laterally and also strategically. This revealed more about the weaknesses in my leadership style than it did about the team itself.

I did the picture alone and then shared it on Slack as part of the Discover programme. It felt slightly ridiculous and humbling to have to draw a picture and share it with people – I now realise that was an important part of the process – to make myself vulnerable builds quick connections.


Using this tool made me realise that my team and I will work better if I spend more time thinking with my team. In doing so I can join the dots differently, and perhaps come up with different (and better!) solutions.

This insight has affected my leadership practice. I hope people feel more valued and I get the sense that it is creating changes in how people do things. I am really lucky to lead a team of talented people but I was perhaps holding people back from taking their own responsibility because I felt I needed to be in control.

I have seen a big shift in behaviour when I let people do their job and show them that I trust them. We now talk more and have a much better sense of team – people smile more!

Another result is on how I think about inductions for new staff. I more consciously think about how to give people the space to shine and to consider what they need from me as a team member (not just their manager) – creating an environment where people can question things right from the start.

The tool forced me to analyse a problem from a different perspective. If I had just written down a list of bullet points I would have come to a different conclusion. This is a tool that I will revisit as the team expands and changes in the future.

This tool helped me realise that I get a lot from seeing other people shine, but that I still need to work on becoming a true ‘empowering enabler’. By developing in this area I will get great joy as a leader so this has truly been a transformational tool.


Extended Introduction by Sam
Case Study

Extended Introduction by Sam

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Draw Your Missing Person
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Draw Your Missing Person

Drawing the ‘missing person’ person of your team is a fun and non-threatening way to identify gaps and areas of development.

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