Future-Self Portrait

Drawing a future-self portrait is a fun way to start thinking of where you would like to be as a leader in 5-10 years’ time.

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Time 30 minutes
Participants Yourself or with peer/team member
Difficulty Easy - o matter artistic ability!
Comfort zone Medium
Materials Pens, paper

It isn’t easy to step away from the hectic day to day and to give yourself a chance to dream. We know that having a vision is crucial for organisations to succeed, but we rarely apply this thinking to our own development, learning and career progression.

This exercise will give you some focus and structure to develop your own leadership vision. By using a visual tool it helps us to think more creatively and outside of current restrictions and challenges.



Take a sheet of paper and some pens. Why not with some colour!


Imagine you are 5 – 10 years in the future (5 years works best for practical, medium term planning and 10 for big picture, aspiration building). Imagine you are feeling totally fulfilled, inspired, effective and in absolutely the right place to achieve your best to support those you seek to help. What kind of a leader are you? Draw this person, be as specific as you can.


Reflect on what you uncovered doing this exercise. Are there any gaps between where you are now and where you want to be? What actions do you need to take to address these? Or perhaps you are in the right place right now?


This exercise is an adaptation of the ‘Draw Your Missing Person’ exercise where you draw the missing person on your team. ‘Missing Person’ was developed by longtime Clore Social Associate Eve Poole and can be read in full in her book Leadersmithing. Connect with Eve on @evepoole

Clore Social uses it with participants and as part of our coaching programme.


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This practice can help you overcome self-paralysis and take action by separating what you can control from what you cannot.

SWOB Analysis
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SWOB Analysis

Create your own development picture by mapping your Strengths and Weaknesses, Opportunities and Barriers.

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