Case Study

Finding your why by Matthieu

Matthieu Lambert Chief Executive, Entreprises Homes Group

A huge light bulb moment

We had commissioned a marketing expert to develop and articulate our core vision. The work was good, but it just didn’t excite me. It was at this point that the Golden Circle video popped up in Discover and I nearly fell off my chair. I had a huge light bulb moment and, right there and then, I got it.

I watched the video and then worked through the exercises with my team to help them articulate why they do what they do. Together, we then applied the concept to the whole organisation and specifically to our marketing plan.

I realised that the vision needed to be bigger and broader than before – rather than drilling down into the detail we needed to drill up into the ‘why’. External consultants had helped us write a marketing plan and identify our vision. It was however the Golden Circle tool that really made it come alive to me. Once I understood how it was built around the why / how / what, it all made logical sense and we were able to own it. The big result was that it went from a marketing plan to being central to everything we have done since.

Our new vision is ‘making homelessness history by making sure no one gets left behind’. This gives us the versatility we need because we work across multiple contexts.

There has also been an external impact. It has enabled us to connect with people in ways that we didn’t before. Just through a change in language in everyday conversations we now focus on why we exist. Last week, I did a presentation in front of panel of 16 people as part of Power Up Midlands network. As a result, we received £30,000 social investment for our new social enterprise. I believe this is all as a result of using the Golden Circle tool.

Now the words I use to define what I do are different – I now say I am making homelessness history by making sure that a failing housing system leaves no one behind. I used to introduce myself as a CEO, but now I realise that it’s just a meaningless title, which actually disengages people. By starting with ‘why’ I connect on an emotional level, people want to know more and are not intimidated by a job title.


Find your why
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Find your why

Understanding our personal ‘why’ creates clarity around the impact we seek.

Stakeholder Mapping
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Stakeholder Mapping

Stakeholder mapping allows you to take an empathetic view of where they come from and how to best engage them.

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