Case Study

Leadership Development Plan by Lizzie

Lizzie Green Youth Social Action Policy Advisor, Office for Civil Society in the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

Turning feedback into specific actions

I wanted to find a way of taking all the feedback that I had got from the 360 and turning it into some solid, specific actions that I could work on.

I had a lot of thoughts but felt quite overwhelmed and wasn’t sure how to quantify things. For example, I knew I had a goal around strategic thinking and how to focus less on detail, but wasn’t sure where to start. The plan has helped me to focus on three priorities.


I took my 360 feedback and had a stab at writing the plan at the first residential but I wasn’t happy so I took it away and reflected. I spent time revisiting the feedback and some other tools from Discover and worked on a new version, refining my goals. I used it to really pin down some clear actions where I could hold myself to account. I then shared it with my line manager and she helped me to find other ways to check progress and give feedback on how I was doing in those three areas. This has been really useful. I set myself goals such as attending network events every month, as well as more general actions around checking in with myself on self-doubt.

Using the plan has helped me to see how everything is interlinked – even though I have 3 target areas, I identified a more general theme around confidence which goes across everything. It’s helped me to break things down and focus on small steps rather than putting pressure on myself to tackle everything at once. I have ambitious goals but a clear plan and realistic steps too which I can keep returning too if I go off track.

It‘s also encouraged me to ask for help from others and helped me to reflect on how my actions will impact on other people and how to involve them in my development. This has resulted in open and honest conversations with my line manager and line reports – and has helped me realise how valuable it is to draw on other people rather than trying to tackle everything on my own.

Tools for this case study

Leadership Development Plan
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Leadership Development Plan

A personal leadership development plan is one of your best tools to help define your leadership objectives and plan for the actions to reach them.


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This practice can help you overcome self-paralysis and take action by separating what you can control from what you cannot.

SWOB Analysis
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SWOB Analysis

Create your own development picture by mapping your Strengths and Weaknesses, Opportunities and Barriers.

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