OK Line

If we don’t take time to consider patterns of behaviour and the consequences of these on our wellbeing we risk burn-out and reduced performance.

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Time 30 minutes
Participants Yourself or in coaching
Comfort zone Medium - Uncomfortable
Materials Pens, paper

Looking after yourself is, arguably, the most important element of the Clore framework. This exercise provides a structure to reflect on how you feel, both in a work and a non-work context, and to track these feelings against a timeline in order to identify trends, and to reflect on changes that might be necessary in order to maintain greater equilibrium and happiness.

This exercise is can feel Medium - Uncomfortable depending on what is happening in your life at the time.



Take a sheet of paper and some pens.


Turn the paper to landscape orientation and draw a straight line through the middle. Label the line as the ‘OK LINE’.


Plot any work activities and occurrences above the line which reflect times that you felt good, positive, happy, inspired and alive.


Now think about activities and occurrences which made you feel under the OK Line - times that made you feel flat, lacking in energy, tired and stressed.


Take some time to look at your line and see if anything surprises you, are there any patterns?


Now repeat the exercise but asking yourself the questions from a non-work perspective.


Now you have a full picture - what do you notice? Are there any patterns? Do you need to make any changes to try to realign towards more above the line feelings and activities?

Facilitator notes

This exercise works well if it is repeated every few months as a way to hold yourself to account and ensure that you are really focusing on looking after yourself - both from a work, and non-work perspective.


This exercise was developed by the Clore Social team and is used during residentials at Emerging and Experienced Leaders-programmes.


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This practice can help you overcome self-paralysis and take action by separating what you can control from what you cannot.

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