Case Study

SWOB analysis by Natalie

Natalie Brook Independent Consultant

Thinking from different angles

I was looking for ways to reflect on myself as a leader and a structure to help me think things through from different angles. I had recently changed roles so it was a good opportunity to spend some time thinking about that in a more self-reflective way than I had done before.

I liked this tool because it is so simple. I have done lots of similar activities as part of organisational strategy development, and am used to assessing context from an organisation's point of view but had never applied it to myself before.

I used the Clore competencies framework as a structure to help me assess myself against the leadership competencies. If I did it again, I would add in non-competency based SWOB's as well.

I did the golden circle exercise around the same time which complemented the tool nicely to give me a bit more of a big picture, and using 360 feedback helped see things from others' point of view.

I used the SWOB to identify some relevant actions and to relate these to my development plan – especially to think through how I could build on strengths and opportunities and tackle the barriers.

Having these things written down in black and white was a powerful reminder to myself of what existing skills and strengths I have, but also areas to develop.

As a result, I have focused my development around some specific areas and have invested in some courses and reading.

I have also tailored how I use my action learning sets and am building my peer support network – aiming to gain more confidence in how I talk about and share the personal challenges of leadership as well as the organisational and professional ones.


SWOB Analysis
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SWOB Analysis

Create your own development picture by mapping your Strengths and Weaknesses, Opportunities and Barriers.

Prioritise your development
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Prioritise your development

The 'importance-effort' matrix helps you prioritise what leadership capabilities you should focus on developing first and what can wait.

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