Join our growing movement of social leaders, connecting our Clore Social alumni not just to each other but to social leaders around the country.

Find out what’s happening near you, find collaborators for future projects and connect with Clore Social fellows and social leaders.

New chapter

The aim of the Clore Social Chapters is to help social leaders to come together to develop their leadership journey, provide a space where they can learn from each other, support each other and collaborate to have a greater collective impact.

'Through our Chapters we are helping to build a movement of generous, inspiring leaders in local communities across the country' - Patricia Stead, Clore Social National Engagement Manager

We want to inspire leaders to grow more leaders. Over the coming months we will be supporting the development of new social leadership networks and working with social leaders across the country. We are ambitious. We want to reach thousands of leaders over the next 10 years.

We have Chapters currently established across the following areas:

For further information about our evolving network of Chapters and to find out how you can begin one yourself, or join an existing Chapter please contact

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