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Double Lockdown - Meet our Programme Partners

This programme is inspired and funded by, as well as co-designed and co-delivered with, the Centre for Knowledge Equity, home of the LEx Movement (Lived Experience Leaders Movement). We are proud to introduce you to some members of the programme's design group.

Paula Website

"As a senior lived experience leader in the criminal justice sector, I see every day the undeniable contribution that those with lived experience make. I also witness the challenges we face as we seek to redefine the challenges and offer solutions; often reduced to labels that keep us within a ‘service user’ model, anonymous participants in research or depicted as too passionate or partisan. Leadership, collaboration, and collective action are critical components of the change we seek. This programme creates the space to meet all these ambitions, building leadership, bringing people together and building the foundations of collective vision and action. I am delighted to be part of this initiative and salute the efforts of our allies at the Centre for Knowledge Equity and their partners Clore Social in supporting us to bring this about."
Paula Harriott, Head of Prisoner Engagement, Prison Reform Trust

Peter Website

“For too long, lived experience has been limited to story-telling and focus groups. With the right opportunities to develop and grow, the talent in our communities can elevate themselves and those around them. It’s fantastic to see the Centre for Knowledge Equity and Clore Social Leadership working in partnership to create those opportunities and it makes me really excited for the future of our sector!”
Peter Atherton, Managing Director, Community Led Initiatives

Michaela Website

“Having spent the last three years researching women’s experiences of lived experience leadership across the criminal justice sector, and leading on the strategic and operational development of patient engagement across health in justice, this unique leadership programme is not only timely, but much needed. In our pursuit of emancipation for our communities. We know that we must come together to build the infrastructure that can begin to disrupt the dominant narratives and glass ceilings which continue to subjugate much of our personal and professional lives. It is now time to expand our ambitions away from the ever-present consultancy and informant opportunities people with lived experience are so often given. As such, my involvement with the LEx CJS design group in this leadership programme has been a highlight of my professional and personal life, as a lived experience leader. Joining forces with others who share commitments to equity, social justice, and visibility. To quote Brené Brown “We don’t derive strength from our rugged individualism, but rather from our collective ability to plan, communicate and work together.”
Michaela Booth, National Patient Engagement Lead, Practice Plus Group

Peter Y Website

"It’s a privilege and a huge honour to play a small part in such a well-orchestrated and respected group of peers with a lived experience, working together to produce not only this leadership programme - that has been long overdue, developed to help people with a lived experience tackle the challenges they face as they emerge from the criminal justice system, but a movement of people who can and will rise up and become a powerful force for good in the community. It’s a beautiful thing and I’m glad to be a part of it."
Peter Yarwood, Strategic Engagement and Training Lead

Darren Website

“I have been working in the social sector for the last six years and I’m a person with lived experience of the criminal justice and care systems. Having a criminal conviction causes many barriers from accessing employment, housing, training and development opportunities. I truly believe that to create real long-lasting systems change - we need to invest in people who have first-hand lived experience of those systems. That’s why we at Expert Citizens are fully supportive of this great opportunity with the Centre for Knowledge Equity and Core social, which will provide high class leadership coaching for leaders with lived experience.”
Darren Davey, Second City Housing

Double Lockdown

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