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The power of coaching - Dr Jeremy Hinks shares his insights

How often do we take the time to think and understand the beliefs and assumptions limiting us from moving forward? Or to hear our own thinking and get a step closer to turning thought into action? And what role does coaching play in helping us get there? Coaching provides the opportunity to create the time and space to do so, says Dr Jeremy Hinks, a leadership development coach for Find a Coach, our new coach-matching service.

Jeremy’s journey into coaching sprung from his experience as a University tutor when he saw how positively people respond to being trusted and empowered. Witnessing the number of people needing assistance in their middle and senior management roles, he decided to pursue a coaching career to help develop the leaders of tomorrow. He has 36 years experience of using a coaching approach in a leadership setting and has a wealth of experience from coaching a wide range of people working with the social and voluntary, public, and private sectors.

‘Coaching is about creating the time and space to think and hear your own thinking.’

For Jeremy, coaching is about creating the time and space for you to think and to hear your own thinking. “It’s about having that thinking heard by someone you can trust, and having your thinking and feelings being supported and challenged without judgement,” says Jeremy. “It’s about you seeing new perspectives and then deciding on your own plan to make things happen. My coaching process implies embracing trust, support, challenges, and change - not necessarily in a linear sequence, yet always in alignment with my coachee’s agenda.

“The power of coaching, for someone experiencing it, lies in the opportunity it offers to have the time and space to challenge assumptions and beliefs, especially if they limit them in moving forward, or stop them from building even more effectively from a position of strength. Hearing our thinking is a major step in developing awareness and consciously thinking about habits that might not have been evaluated for years. The responsibility for action, however, always lies with the coachee. Breaking the dependency on background, environment, and challenging a deterministic belief is hugely powerful. “

Coaching will play a part in the journey from hierarchy and team membership to one of a truer version of collective leadership.’

Through coaching, leaders can bring others along on a lifelong journey of learning of development. "Coaching creates leaders who create leaders,” says Jeremy. “It has the capacity to create solution-finding communities whose capability goes way beyond the sum of its parts. It can break the mould related to a model of power and influence that encourages isolation in thinking and fear of failure. It has the potential to deliver lasting benefits rather than quick fixes, as it is an intervention that takes a ’whole of life’ view. With the future of work being one where success depends on relationship building and on shared endeavour, coaching can play a major part in supporting wellbeing as well as being a positive influence on the mental health of the coachee.”

Witnessing the transformative effects of coaching on his clients, says Jeremy, is extremely rewarding. “The longevity of coaching benefits is often ignored. What is satisfying is bumping into clients months or years after coaching and hearing them talk about how they are still practicing the use of the ‘thinking and emotional muscles’ that they had discovered during their coaching. A successful coaching programme can lead to benefits that have a positive influence over a considerable period of time, even a lifetime.”

Considering taking your next step on your leadership journey through coaching? We asked Jeremy to summarise how to approach and what you can expect from a coaching relationship in which you play a full part:

  • Enjoy the time and space to allocate to yourself, without any distraction
  • Appreciate what it is like to be listened to, without judgement
  • Expect to think and feel in equal measure and to reflect on meaning and significance – it can be hard work, but so fulfilling
  • Expect to get a clearer understanding of what makes you tick and how that influences your environment
  • The value of being supported while exploring territory that will need courage and commitment
  • The strength to change habit that are not serving your purpose
  • An appreciation of the power of choice
  • …and all throughout increasing awareness and personal responsibility for turning thought to meaningful action.

Dr Jeremy Hinks is an accredited professional coach with the International Coach Federation, a member of the Association of Coaching and a founding member and coach with Know You More. He is passionate about people development, and is a coach for our Find a Coach pilot initiative.

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