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Launching our 2019 Experienced Leader Programme

We are delighted to launch our 2019 Experienced Leader Programme aimed at social sector leaders with 6-10+ years’ experience who want to expand their existing leadership capabilities and participate in sector-wide leadership.

The programme is a curated 12-month leadership development journey designed to build the skills and knowledge necessary to drive change in the social sector. Drawing on all aspects of our Social Leaders’ Capabilities Framework, the Experienced Leader Programme aims to develop empowered, resilient, and generous leaders, while strengthening collaboration within the sector.

Recruitment is now open for the 2019 intake, with 50 places available for experienced social leaders seeking to become more effective in their leadership roles.

Commenting on the launch of the programme, Shaks Ghosh Chief Executive of Clore Social said:

'Over the last 3 years, Clore Social has gone from strength to strength, building on a decade of experience of supporting and empowering social sector leaders across the UK. We are now engaging with more than 1,000 Leaders every year with a diverse range of tailored programmes to support leaders at every stage of their leadership journey. Our Experienced Leader Programme is a crucial part of this offer and provides a unique opportunity for Social Sector experienced leaders to enhance and deepen their leadership experience using a range of tools, from self-reflection and coaching to real-world team challenges and peer-to-peer learning.'

The programme provides access to world-class leadership experts and offers opportunities to learn together with a peer group of other experienced leaders who will support, challenge, and inspire you. It is designed to fit around existing commitments, using a blended approach to learning which allows for flexible, self-directed learning.

Becky Elton, Director of Operations at Changing Lives and current Experienced Leader participant emphasised the benefits of being able to take a step back and see the bigger picture: ‘As leaders we need to make time to think, not only about our organisation and the work that it does, but also about ourselves, our own approach and how that helps or hinders the ultimate aim of our organisations. What the Experienced Leader programme does is forces you to carve out some thinking time. And although you do need to commit time to the programme, it is flexible to a large extent - you can chose when you do many of the elements.’

What the Experienced Leader programme does is forces you to carve out some thinking time.

According to a recent mid-year survey, 2018 Experienced Leader participants have found the programme to be inspiring, thought-provoking, and challenging. All respondents said they would recommend the programme to a friend or colleague and 8 out of 10 agree that they are already better leaders as a result of the programme.

Discussing the 2018 Experienced Leader cohort, Louise Drake, our Director of Programmes and Innovation said:

'In the Social Sector we are lucky to have talented and resourceful individuals, working up and down the country for a diverse range of organisations and causes. This year we’ve worked with over 50 leaders on our Experienced Leader programme and have been struck by their commitment to supporting each other to become better leaders and desire to collaborate and work together to tackle sector challenges. We’re delighted that our mid-year survey has shown that all participants would recommend the programme to a friend or colleague, and urge those interested in building their leadership skills to apply.'

We’re delighted that our mid-year survey shows that all participants would recommend the programme to a friend or colleague.

Applications for this programme are now open and will close on Monday, the 5th of November. For more details about the programme and to apply, please click here.

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