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Leadership is for everyone

2017 was a groundbreaking year for us.

In June we were awarded a grant of almost half a million from the Big Lottery Fund to be a facilitator for leadership in the sector. We diversified our offer, launching a new series of leadership programmes for 2018 for leaders of all levels. We ran successful events with our partners the House of St Barnabas, expanded our digital footprint with new online-only programmes and offered free online resources for new managers and trustees. And the year is not yet over! This week we announce exciting news about our new HEY100 leadership programme for leaders in Hull and East Yorkshire.

Looking ahead to the New Year, I have no doubt that 2018 will engender an even bigger growth spurt as we strive ahead with our mission to transform social sector leadership by developing skilled and ethical leaders. These are leaders who can meet present-day challenges head-on, who have the foresight to predict future trends along with the agility to maximise opportunities.

At the core of this is our belief that leadership is for everyone. This view is born from conversations we’ve have had with the sector including Fellows and funders, competitors, new leaders, senior leaders and trustees. They all said the same thing: we needed to change how we do things to reach wider audiences, and at the same time maintain our collaborative and ethical stance. This is what makes us unique.

We listened and our relaunched programme offerings are the result of these conversations. This is democratised leadership in action. We actively engage with the sector, listen to leaders, collaborate, digest, and then integrate their feedback to update our programmes and work processes to ensure that what we do is fit for purpose. It is a dynamic and constantly evolving process.

Digital is at the heart of what we do, and how we deliver our innovations. I believe that new technologies augment, rather than supersede person-to-person interactions. Whatever your leadership level, everyone has access to digital, so it serves as a vital route to further scale our leadership offerings.

Coupled with this, additional feedback from the sector also showed a clear need for low-cost and accessible training due to greater demands on people’s time and the strain of dwindling budgets. Our Discover Programme is just one example that serves this need. It’s a four-week online course for new leaders costing just £45. Its popularity, and the uptake of our free online resources, suggests that the sector is ready for more online leadership innovations.

The HEY100 programme is another great example of democratised leadership where digital will be integrated in its delivery. By working closely with local and national funders and organisations in Hull and East Yorkshire, we believe we have created fantastic place-based leadership development offerings that suit the leadership needs of the area, from community leaders to trustees and everything else in-between. This diversified engagement will strengthen the region’s social sector, and we know it’s what they want because they told us. Plus they are delivering the programmes with us.

Our plans for 2018 and beyond are ambitious, but we cannot do this alone. Get in touch and let’s work together because leadership is for everyone.

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