Fiona Mactaggard

Leading the Movement: Fiona Mactaggart plenary speech

Earlier this year, in collaboration with The Social Change Agency, we hosted Leading the Movement: Women, Power, Change, our women's conference designed to bring together senior and emerging feminist leaders, new allies, and leading figures in the women’s movement.

The day saw a great range of inspirational speakers and participants come together to develop movement-building skills and a common vision for the future of the feminist movement. The tone of the day was set by Fiona MacTaggart, Chair of Fawcett Society, Agenda, and former Labour MP for Slough, who opened the conference with a plenary speech focused on how we can use the lessons from past feminist movements to drive the present movement forward.

Women’s movements have always had to be brave because they consistently challenge the status quo.

The speech provided an engaging account of the past feminist movements, addressing some pressing and relevant questions: What can contemporary feminist leaders learn from the challenges and accomplishments of the past women’s movement? What are the issues we are facing today? And what should leaders do to ensure we’re comprehensively and effectively challenging inequality?

To capture the insightful remarks, we have transcribed the speech into a pamphlet which can be downloaded below.

Read the full speech

Download the pamphlet

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