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Lived Experience Leadership: a call to action

A new report on Lived Experience Leadership highlights the importance of investing in bespoke leadership development initiatives for leaders with lived experience.

As part of our ongoing commitment to leaders with lived experience, we are delighted to share a new report supported by Clore Social Leadership and published by the Lived Experience Movement which explores the value and benefits of lived experience leadership for the wider sector.

The ‘Lived Experience Leadership: Rebooting the DNA of Leadership’ report, developed by Clore Fellow Baljeet Sandhu, compiles the insights and perspectives of 30 social leaders using their lived experience to lead positive social change. Exploring the concept of Lived Experience Leadership, defined as ‘direct, first-hand experience, past or present, of a social issue(s) and/or injustice(s)’, the research provides a stark reminder that there are change-makers with first-hand experience of social injustices flourishing across all of society.

Through highlighting the unique skills, competencies, and needs of LEx leaders, the report acts as a strong call to action to invest in bespoke leadership and development opportunities which can grow lived experience leadership, build community cohesion, and strengthen the social sector as a whole. According to its authors, interviewees “all unanimously agreed that there was a pressing need for a programme specifically aimed at recognising and supporting the learning, leadership and development needs of LEx leaders working across the UK”.

This report is a welcome exploration and explanation of lived experience leadership.

Commenting on the importance of the report, Clore Fellow Steph Cutler, Head of Employment at Thomas Pocklington Trust said:

'This report is a welcome exploration and explanation of lived experience leadership. It contains helpful definitions and a clear framework to distinguish engagement and involvement from leadership, while believing in both. Baljeet presents a compelling case for the social sector to value and invest in lived experience leadership to create positive social change.'

Clore Fellow Louise Cannon, Award Manager at UnLtd; The Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs said:

'Building leadership potential for those whose expertise are grounded in personal experience will strengthen our sectors empathy of social issues and understanding of systemic oppression. Baljeet’s work and report shines a light on overlooked potential and I’m excited to see the momentum building on the value of leaders with lived experience.'

To download the report and follow the development of the Lived Experience movement, please click here.

Download the report

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