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New Chapter in building a movement of social leaders

When I signed up for the Clore Social Experienced Leader Programme little did I know that within the year I would be given the opportunity not just to join their team, but to take forward a new Clore Social Leadership initiative as their National Engagement Manager.

As a Clore Social Leadership Fellow myself, I know that Fellows form strong bonds with each other during their programme; friendships that last for years after their programme has finished. And many will remember that niggle in their heads as they approached the transition, end of programme day, looming like a cliff edge, thinking...What happens now?

In the past, with Fellows scattered thinly across the country and into mainland Europe, the “what now” has been of their own making. But as Clore Social reaches its 10th Anniversary and the range of programmes offered each year increases, we have been exploring how we can support Fellows - past, present and future – to do more, connect more and learn more in their local areas and regions.

We are really excited to be announcing a new initiative - an opportunity for you to secure funding to galvanise social leaders in your local area. This is a chance for Clore Social Fellows to take the next step in building a national movement, a community of, for, and by social leaders. We are calling them Chapters – because we see them forming the first chapter in a story that encourages great and inspiring leadership throughout the social sector.

Take the next step in building a national movement, a community of, for and by social leaders.
Patricia Stead

Last September, the first Clore Social Chapter kicked off in the North East of England, where I am fortunate to be amongst a large group of Fellows dating back to the very first Clore Social Leadership Programme in 2010. Since then we have grown in number, meeting every two months, providing a space for Fellows to share not just their Clore Social experience, but ideas for how we might all work together to take that next step in leadership and a support structure for people coming into Clore Social programmes for the first time.

In London, Phil Kerry has kicked off Cock-up Cocktails, inviting Fellows and others to meet up to share experiences and network at an evening of hilarious and honest “things that went wrong” talks from high profile speakers.

In Hull, HEY 100, the year-long Clore Social place-based leadership programme introduced people working across sectors and across a range of roles to each other. Now they want to do more, together and they are kicking off their first Chapter meeting in July.

And in other parts of the country the message is clear – Fellows want to do more.

The message is clear – Fellows want to do more.
Patricia Stead

So here it is. Today we are announcing the Clore Social Leaders' Chapter start-up fund. This will help Fellows make connections with other Fellows in their areas and to explore what powerful stuff can happen when leaders collaborate, form local networks and help to build a movement.

In 2019 we will fund the start-up of 10 new Chapters across the country (Scotland, England, N. Ireland and Wales). Funding of up to £2,000 will be available for each Chapter. Further information is available here.

Chapter proposals can be based on location or a specific context. It is up to you. We want your proposals to reach out to Fellows across programme years and strands and we will help you to do that. In the first instance, we are looking for expressions of interest, and you can register your interest here. Please note that the deadline for registering interest has closed on 20 May 2019. The deadline for applications is Monday, 17 June, 2019.

We are tremendously excited about this opportunity to help you continue your leadership journey, and build a movement of generous, inspiring leaders across your local communities. We look forward to hearing from you!

If you'd like to stay in touch, join our growing community of social leaders on the Clore Social LinkedIn community group. And don’t forget to let us know if you move area or change your contact details – we’d love to keep in touch!

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