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Our top tools for managing teams from home

With many people now working from home for what is likely to be an extended period of time, leaders will need to adapt how they work and stay connected with their teams. We thought to share some of our favourite tools used on our programmes and a few others that have been suggested by our community.

1. Set up a Slack workspace

You might remember Slack as the tool you used to share ideas with people during Discover. It's a free and really flexible tool that gives you a way of checking in with the team that's less formal than an email. It's super easy to set up and use - just follow their own online guide here.

2. Zoom meetings and breakouts

Zoom is a particularly good video conferencing tool, as it not only allows HD video and sound, but also great features like breakout rooms. The free version is great for small teams but limits video calls to 40 mins - if anything, good motivation to keep your meetings snappy? Check it out here.

3. Hangouts for creativity

Zoom is great for formal meetings, but it can take a fair bit of bandwidth. So for more informal chats, Google hangouts are a great alternative, as you can limit the video quality if your internet is slow, which is really helpful. Here at Clore Social we are using this to have an hour each day for free floating ideas - exactly as we would in the office. Start hanging out.

4. Prioritise with Trello and Asana

There are a few simple project management tools that allow managers to share tasks with their teams and keep track of progress. Two of our favourites are Trello and Asana. Trello is very flexible and lets you and your team develop your own system, while Asana is based around a gant chart system and is perfect for those who like a little bit more structure. More on Asana here and Trello here.

5. Google docs

Google docs is a tool that you've probably heard of and may even have used. It's the perfect thing when you want to work on a document with someone, as you can comment, edit and look at different versions, all from anywhere. One thing to be careful of, however, is your privacy settings - the documents are easy to share but you can easily lose track of who has access. Find out more.

6. Collaborative Spotify playlists

Last but certainly not least! Creating a shared sense of experience when people are all in their own homes can be a challenge. One fun way of doing it is with a Collaborative Spotify Playlist. These playlists let anyone add a song to them, meaning you can create your own office soundtrack. Start collaborating.

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