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The sector's view: Who benefits from leadership development? Everyone.

Stephanie Papapavlou, Programme Delivery Manager from Leap Confronting Conflict, took part in Clore6: Youth. This blog is from her manager Jessie Ben-Ami, Director of Programme Innovation, where she talks about what was gained from the leadership programme.

There are some people who have huge amounts of talent and ability, and Steph is definitely one of them. We chose her to take part in Clore6: Youth because she was already demonstrating strong leadership skills and we recognised her potential to have a long-lasting and successful impact on the sector. She was a great candidate to fast-track through this intense course.

It’s difficult to pin-point what Clore6 has given Steph, partly because the nature of the skills she has developed are hard to quantify, and partly because Steph was already well developed as a leader before taking part in the programme. However, when sitting down to think through tangible examples there are a few which spring to mind.

During the programme we took part in a 360 feedback exercise on Steph, which was fed into by Leap, external partners and Clore Social. By going through this process we really pulled out areas where she was achieving, and often over-achieving, as well as identifying opportunities for development. It was a robust approach and it has allowed both Steph and I time to think about where and how she leads herself and others. The structured process provided a helpful framework for Steph to reflect on her skills and abilities, and through this I’ve seen her resourcefulness as a leader grow.

Steph has also brought new tools and techniques that she learned back to Leap. One tool we are now using more frequently is the human-centred design approach. It’s a nifty technique for delving into a problem without needing an outcome already in mind. For example, when reviewing the handbooks for our courses we moved from saying ‘we need to redesign our handbooks’ to saying ‘we need to develop a resource that will support our training’. This gave us the ability to think more innovatively and we have come up with a suite of new ideas to trial. I know Steph has other tools gathered from Clore6 that will support Leap in its Programme Innovation.

This moves me nicely on to my next point. Clore6 has benefitted both Steph as an individual, and Leap as an organisation. We have further built our network through Clore6 and through this one of Steph’s participant colleagues shadowed our senior management team. Their insights and feedback were extremely useful for us when considering how we work as a team, and how we link with the rest of the organisation. Steph has also developed a network of support of Clore6 graduates who will be the sector’s future leaders, and we are seeing increased collaboration between them as individuals and our organisations already.

The sector will also benefit from Clore6. During the programme participants were challenged to create a resource for the sector. Steph and her team developed a resource for new managers which is now being tested, and will be rolled-out for the sector very soon. The toolkit will help us to review how we upskill both our new and existing managers.

This is just the start of Steph’s leadership journey. She leads herself in an exemplary way and by example, and is more confident when bringing new perspectives and challenges to our team. Clore6 has enhanced what was already an existing talent and I can’t wait to see what she does next.

Our Emerging Leader Clore6: Youth Programme is a six-month leadership development programme open to emerging leaders working in the youth sector - this encompasses charities, social enterprises and those working for social change in the youth sector.

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