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    Leading Assets Together.

    Asset-based philosophy has an Aristotle-like emphasis on the ‘what’ we should develop in order to build a ‘good life’.

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    Connecting in an increasingly social world an essential skill for social leaders

    We live in a social world, a world where we are surrounded by technology that allows us to communicate and connect like never before.

  • Elizabeth George

    Insights from a Forces in Mind Trust Specialist Clore Social Fellow

    'The programme has given me permission to think about the type of leader I want to be and how I can achieve better results for the community...

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    Social justice is not the preserve of the social sector

    Society has become fragmented – a lot of the things that used to bring us together don’t exist anymore.

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    The Grenfell Tower volunteers showed us real leadership

    Many individuals, myself included, are still processing the events emerging from Grenfell Tower, which has been reported as the deadliest fi...

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    Clore Social receives £498,744 National Lottery grant to be a facilitator for leadership

    Clore Social Leadership has been awarded £498,744 of National Lottery funding through the Big Lottery Fund

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