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    Celebrations for our Clore6 Youth Programme Fellows

    Last week we celebrated with our Clore6 Fellows who have just completed our first-ever Clore6: Youth Sector Leadership Programme.

  • Baljeetdvf

    Clore Social Fellow Receives DVF International Award

    Clore Social Leadership Fellow Baljeet Sandhu has received a Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF) International Award...

  • Event

    New speakers announced for May & June Leaders Now events

    Sandra Schembri, CEO of The House of St Barnabas and Neil Jameson CBE, Founding Executive Director of Citizens UK, will be our guest speakers at our upcoming Leaders Now events.

  • Jess Watters 553319 Unsplash

    Small actions lead to large movements

    I was recently invited to talk to the group responsible for the inquiry into the future of civil society on behalf of UnLtd and the social e...

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    Let go of Clark Kent and be Superman in the office instead

    I was full of energy: I was careless, content, excited, and enthusiastic. Then I was born. From that moment on I began to be shaped and moul...

  • Ricardo Resende 785288 Unsplash

    How can we humanise services and build communities?

    We are accustomed to reading reports on the unprecedented challenges facing the NHS and social services...

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