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    'The Fellowship is for life': Our 2015 and 2016 Fellows celebrate the completion of the programme'

    Forty-two Clore Social Fellows celebrated the completion of the Fellowship programme at an event last night at the Resolution Foundation

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    Why aren't enough UK Armed Forces personnel seeking help for mental health problems?

    We live in a stressful world, there is no doubt. The World Health Organisation reports that mental health and substance misuse problems are ...

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    The five challenges of asking, 'how am I doing?

    “How am I doing?” and “How can I do better?” are two simple, yet powerful questions for social leaders.

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    Time for co-production to be business as usual?

    True co-production is a way of thinking and working, it is not a standalone technique

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    Leadership and the future of our 'civil society'

    At Clore Social’s Leaders Now breakfast meeting at the House of St Barnabas this week, we were lucky enough to hear from Julia Unwin...

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    Is social investment serving the needs of social sector organisations?

    There are some within the voluntary and community sectors with strong views about social investment, either for or against.

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