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    Social integration and 'British values': what's human about that?

    The piece explores our current preoccupation with social integration and asks whether we can reconcile this with often fearful or nostalgic ...

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    Specialist services ARE special & crucial for those in crisis

    For me, crisis support is for people who feel they cannot cope or move forward without external help.

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    The next big thing in preventing and tackling homelessness

    For the past few months I’ve been working on a project to build the case for a new Centre for Homelessness Impact.

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    How do think tanks create change?

    Last Autumn I left my job at one of England’s biggest think tanks.

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    Good leadership

    A New Year always means new plans, good intentions, and aspirations for what we as a charitable and social sector can deliver for our benefi...

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    It's time for us to rediscover our national character

    Make no mistake, this country faces huge challenges.

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