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    Creating the culture for good leadership - Rushanara Ali MP

    Rushanara Ali MP was the latest speaker at our latest Leaders Now breakfast event last week, hosted at the House of St. Barnabas

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    The paradoxes of the modern leadership challenge

    It has always been tough leading change in a challenging world, but there are an increasing number of factors that support the idea, ‘it’s n...

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    The joy of making mistakes - ex Chief Inspector of Prisons shares his leadership insights

    If you never make mistakes you are not trying things hard enough...

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    On leadership and ostrich strategies

    Inclusive workplaces welcome diverse talent; they do not discriminate against individuals...

  • Leadership Development in the Third Sector: Facing the Future

    What does the future hold? Leadership Development in the Third Sector: Facing the Future seeks to answer this question by considering the challenges we collectively face.

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    How do you lead a small team with the impact of a large one?

    There is a lot of understandable rhetoric about leaders and leadership, often designed to encourage and enthuse young people to go on and do...

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