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    Nurturing a new type of leadership

    What is leadership? Such a simple question, and yet it has generated thousands of books and an industry in its own right.

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    Generous leadership

    Anyone interested in the role and nature of leadership will not have been short of food for thought lately.

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    Mother Teresa's calling card

    While Mother Teresa was doing her missionary work in Calcutta, I was a student at the city's Loreto Convent, the place where Mother Teresa s...

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    Awkward bedfellows and slippery concepts a.k.a. How to lead social change

    Leadership is a slippery concept. A verb, not a noun. A spirit, not a skillset. It is a term that is broad and deep enough to mean both e...

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    What will a Fellowship do for you as a social leader?

    The aim of our leadership programme is to find the next generation of leaders who have an appetite to develop their skills... a

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    Homelessness: Lessons from the US

    Proportionately homelessness is a much bigger problem in the US and the phenomenon began in the 1980s with growth in homelessness that had n...

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